move your body

Move your body and notice the positive changes in overall physical health. Although the fun of riding a bike makes it seem more recreational and playful than tough and strenuous, frequent pedaling is an impressive exercise regimen that improves total fitness. It’s the path to shed weight and gain resilience. Endurance, strength, balance, and coordination are bonus rewards to the thrill of being on the bike. What child wouldn’t be proud of increased muscle tone and strength? Better physical health doesn’t have to be a herculean task… it just requires a willingness to get moving!

There are children that aspire to be more involved in sports but face the challenge of getting to scheduled practices. For some, a bike could be the solution to more physical activity when parents are over-scheduled with countless obligations. It could be their ride to practice, or to a nearby classmate that could help with transportation. And what about children that want to be more active but feel intimidated by their sizes, shapes, and athleticism? Problem solved… ride a bike! Riding a bike requires less athletic aptitude than many sports and simply depends on a commitment to move!


move your mind

Believe me when I tell you that riding a bike introduces the mind to endless promises for cognitive growth. The unbeatable freedom achieved on 2 wheels can take a child from an isolated state (often plagued with negative thoughts about not being good enough) to a joyful exploration of new places. And new places can lead to new people and experiences. Many agree that the cure to too much screen time can be found in the great outdoors. Imagine all the places we can go…

Exercise is like fertilizer to the brain – it helps it grow in healthy ways! When we get moving, our heart pumps blood vessels and cells at a greater rate, which results in increased activation of endorphins. Enriched flow of endorphins improves and lifts mood (endorphins love to make us feel joyful and empowered!) Pedaling a bike also signals the brain to increase levels of serotonin (“the happy-boosting neurotransmitter”).  As riding a bike is promoting positive changes in brain chemistry, the experience can also help children with problem-solving, responsibility, creativity, and planning. When we’re inactive and idle, ruminating thoughts can limit our dreams. A powerful cure for unproductive, negative thinking is to get moving on the path to discovering new sounds, sights, and possibilities.


move your spirit

The joy of riding a bike can be spiritual in exciting and unexpected ways. If spirituality is achieved through a connection with something bigger than ourselves, isn’t it likely that the aliveness of riding a bike unlocks connections to spiritual adventures and discoveries? And if our spirits thrive on creativity, isn’t it beneficial for children to learn early in life the power of honoring their individual creative needs? Let’s teach young spirits to be creative!


Creativity can be defined as “generating or recognizing ideas, possibilities, or alternatives that are useful in solving problems, communicating, and entertaining ourselves and others.” Three words: ride a bike! Let’s help children get creative and curious about the countless ways they can connect with themselves and their community. The powerful result of connection is confidence – it’s a glorious ripple effect! When riding a bike, the mind is quiet and present as breathing becomes more controlled and focused. Energy flows in more peaceful ways. Get moving… and the spirit soars!



So... what can I do?

You can support this wonderful cause by donating and helping children in need. Go ahead! All it takes is one click!